LED Porch Garden Wall Light

Emitting Color: Outdoor White
Wattage|Color: 12W Warm White
Sale price£32.99


About this product

  • Waterproof with Sealing Ring: IP65 protection with led waterproof drive, safety than other outdoor wall lights, bacause the sides surrounding with rubber sealing ring to prevent rainwater entered when it used in bathroom or rainy day, more safety and long working time.

-Power:2 x 12W
-Material: Aluminum
-Frequency: 50/60 Hz
-Light body color: Black
-Waterproof Rating: IP 65
-Light shade Color: Cold White
-Color temperature: 6000 K Cold White

100 x 100 x 100 mm
0.54kg / 1.18lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I love the se sconces. And the ability to sculpt the beam above and below separately.
They are amply bright.
They are architectural simple and modern and durable and customizable.
Would recommend.


These are well made lights. Very well designed. Easy to install. It would have been helpful to know they install with a standard electrical octagonal box.


Easy to install: Yes, for the most part, because if has a few different ways you can mount it and the instructions are not very good and it can take a few test assemblies to figure out how to assemble it right for your application. Once you figure it out then it was very easy to install. I mounted mine to a metal building and used a "pancake" light mount on the outside and just mounted a conduit adapter thru the wall to avoid making a big hole. You can see that in the images I supplied.

Value for the money: OH, Yes, I could not believe they were so heavy for their size and with the seals it came with were all in the right spots to protect the inside components. Side note - the machining of the light is very tight to say the least so have very little room to play with when mounting. That is great the machining it so good and precise but it can be challenging when mounting and thats why you have to pre-assemble first ti figure it all out before just jumping right in.

Warmth: These lights are plenty bright and there would be no reason why i would get the brighter ones. I got these to be able to adjust the light intensity for each area where i mount the three lights. I love being able to create different looks and brightness levels as needed when needed.

Overall, I am looking for more places to mount more of these lights now because i like them so much. I have gotten so many complements from friends and family on how great they look and how adjustable they are.


I love this modern little light for our front porch! On its own it’s not as bright as I’d like, but it you are needing two it would be perfect! We are looking into the option of wiring a second spot!


The item shipped fast, and arrived as stated.

The light beams are adjustable with little flaps inside the housing. The installation was not hard, if you are even the slight bit handy. You should know a thing or two about electricity before you attempt to install any electrical fixture.

The slight complaint was not really a complaint about the product, just a little more forethought would have been nice. The mounting bracket comes with everything you need and instructions for installation. BUT it is meant for a certain style of bracket. I wish there were a few more pre-drilled holes available for different mounting styles. I had to modify the bracket to fit my housing. This might be something someone else may have to also adjust.

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