Crystal Invisible Ball Chandelier

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Illuminate your space with the elegant and modern Crystal Invisible Ball Chandelier.

Its stunning crystal design adds a touch of sophistication while its hidden lighting creates a mesmerizing ambiance.

Perfect for adding a touch of luxury and style to any room.

Material: Stainless steel+K9 Crystal

D45 x H80cm

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Customer Reviews

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Are you looking to embark on a DIY home project that will test the strength of your marital bond and allow you to showcase your extensive knowledge of curse words at a decibel level that is classified as a violation by most homeowners associations?

Well, here you go.
I would have given this 5 stars, but only gave it 4 because; while the end product is absolutely beautiful, the installation is not for the faint of heart.
You have been warned.

During installation, I saw and heard things that I can never un-see or un-hear. My usually kind and loving husband was shouting vulgarities and curse words that would've made a hooker gasp and a third world country could've overcome their long standing drought with the amount of sweat that seeped from his angry pores.
In short, the base is difficult to mount to ceiling and light bulbs are nearly impossible to get in and don't seem to go in deep enough (if you look close you will see the center one missing because it broke trying to force it into place like we had to do with all the others).

Crystal strands are fairly easy to install but make sure you have one person up at the fixture, one handing up the strands, and a marriage counselor standing nearby to help you understand that when your husband growls and spits "You better like this f@#$×g light" 100 times, that what he really means is "I love you my Queen and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy".


Oh this is awesome, I love it! I just purchased my new home, came with a ceiling fan in the formal dining room, so I replaced it with this master piece.

I put it up all by myself no help from any other person. It took me 45mins to assemble and another 45 mins to put all the crystals on, truth be told I could have used some help putting those crystals on, mounting it to the ceiling and hanging the wires was a breeze.

It gave my dining area the look I wanted and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make their dining room classier. I will add pictures!


This is truly a work if art. Even if you don’t use it as a a light it is mesmerizing to look at as a decoration. When it’s lit up it is just amazing!! If you want to make a statement this is it! No one has seen it finished yet but I couldn’t stop looking at how beautiful it is!! I had someone put up the electric part but I assembled all the crystals and wires. The quality of the product is much better thsn I expected. As everyone said it is a bit of a challenge to put it together but it was like therapy and certainly worth all the time and effort. I actually started enjoying it at the end! I did order a remote control to go with the light and i love it !!!! The light and parts all came packed perfectly with no missing pieces or parts. I think it would also look beautiful in s entryway hallway!! It’s sonethingnto see!! So happy wit my purchase. They even had two bracelets for me as s gift!


This is one of the best chandeliers that I've ever seen. As many people here pointed out, this unit does take time to assemble all the crystals together and 2-person team is absolutely required. It's, however, not super complicated to install up the ceiling. All it takes is standard tools (drill, screws, etc.). One more thing, the package looks huge when you open it, my wife almost sent it back becaue of that. It's not! Once you hang it up, you will love it as we live it a typical townhouse. Be patient and put at least 2 hours for installation, it will all be worth it

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