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Showing 1 - 30 of 30 products
Creative Rattan Pendant LampsCreative Rattan Pendant Lamps
Sale priceFrom £284.00
Creative Rattan Pendant Lamps
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Oriental Petal Rattan Pendant LightsOriental Petal Rattan Pendant Lights
Sale priceFrom £399.00
Oriental Petal Rattan Pendant Lights
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Creative Bamboo Pendant LampCreative Bamboo Pendant Lamp
Sale priceFrom £88.00
Creative Bamboo Pendant Lamp
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White Rattan Pendant LightWhite Rattan Pendant Light
Sale priceFrom £239.00
White Rattan Pendant Light
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Modern Bamboo Asia Style ChandelierModern Bamboo Asia Style Chandelier
Sale priceFrom £168.99
Modern Bamboo Asia Style Chandelier
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ZenGlow Bamboo Pendant LightZenGlow Bamboo Pendant Light
Sale price£84.00
ZenGlow Bamboo Pendant Light
Hand-Woven Ceiling Hanging LampsHand-Woven Ceiling Hanging Lamps
Sale priceFrom £159.00
Hand-Woven Ceiling Hanging Lamps
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Japanese Bamboo Pendant LightsJapanese Bamboo Pendant Lights
Sale priceFrom £180.00
Japanese Bamboo Pendant Lights
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Southeast Asia Style Pendant LightSoutheast Asia Style Pendant Light
Rural Art Bamboo Pendant LightRural Art Bamboo Pendant Light
Sale priceFrom £78.99
Rural Art Bamboo Pendant Light
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Hand-Woven Bamboo Pendant LightHand-Woven Bamboo Pendant Light
Sale priceFrom £93.99
Hand-Woven Bamboo Pendant Light
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Style Bamboo Art Chandelier44098036105387|44098036138155|44098036170923|44098036203691|44098036236459|44098036269227
Sale priceFrom £180.00
Style Bamboo Art Chandelier
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Retro Chinese Style Creative Straw Hat ChandelierRetro Chinese Style Creative Straw Hat Chandelier
Retro Hand Woven Rattan LampRetro Hand Woven Rattan Lamp
Sale priceFrom £189.00
Retro Hand Woven Rattan Lamp
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Japanese Bamboo Design LampJapanese Bamboo Design Lamp
Sale price£56.00
Japanese Bamboo Design Lamp
Vintage Wood Design PendantsVintage Wood Design Pendants
Sale priceFrom £285.00
Vintage Wood Design Pendants
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Designer Creative Straw Pendant LampDesigner Creative Straw Pendant Lamp
Sale priceFrom £92.00
Designer Creative Straw Pendant Lamp
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Handmade Natural Wabi Sabi Pendant LampHandmade Natural Wabi Sabi Pendant Lamp
Nordic Retro Rattan ChandelierNordic Retro Rattan Chandelier
Sale priceFrom £176.00
Nordic Retro Rattan Chandelier
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Retro Rattan Pendant LightRetro Rattan Pendant Light
Sale priceFrom £165.00
Retro Rattan Pendant Light
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44125093658795|44125093691563|44125093724331|44125093757099|44125093789867|44125093822635|44125093855403|44125093888171|44125093920939|44125093953707|44125093986475|44125094019243|44125094052011|44125094084779|44125094117547|44125094150315|44125094183083|44125094215851|44125094248619|44125094281387|44125094314155|44125094346923|44125094379691|44125094412459|44125094445227|44125094477995|44125094510763|44125094543531|44125094740139|44125094772907Japan Style Metal Pendant Light
Sale priceFrom £176.00
Japan Style Metal Pendant Light
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Vintage Tube Rattan Pendant LampVintage Tube Rattan Pendant Lamp
Sale priceFrom £220.00
Vintage Tube Rattan Pendant Lamp
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Japanese Kitchen Island LightJapanese Kitchen Island Light
Sale priceFrom £120.00
Japanese Kitchen Island Light
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